Applied Plasma


Although plasma technologies are already being used extensively and there is great interest in introducing new ones, there are obstacles to innovation. These often lie in the fact that methods function within an empirically found parameter window, but the processes are not sufficiently understood to still function reliably when extrapolated to higher rates and speeds.

Targeted process analysis requires modern, complex measurement methods and special expertise. Expertise and knowledge of research and development at the forefront is also necessary to assess and further develop the potential of new plasma processes for specific applications.

Plasma Diagnostics and Analytics

  • Spectroscopic methods of plasma and process diagnostics
    1. Optical emission spectroscopy
    2. Optical absorbtion spectroscopy
    3. Laser plasma diagnostics
  • Microwave methods of plasma diagnostics
  • Langmuir probes

Plasma Sources for Applications

  • Radio-frequency plasma sources
    1. Capacitively coupled discharge
    2. Inductively coupled discharge
    3. Helicon discharge
  • DC discharge
    1. Glow discharge
    2. Magnetron discharge
    3. Arc discharge
  • Microwave discharge

Plasma Applications

  • Surface technology
    1. Thin films
    2. Etching
    3. Thermal spraying

Educate, popularize, promote

  • Teaching, coaching and guidance in the field of plasma applications.
  • Increase the visibility of results and developments
  • Promote advancements
  • Blogging






Fast Plasma Imaging

ISHTAR Project

VINETA Project

Piezoelectric Film Sputter Deposition

Xavi Alonso

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Sputter deposition

Understanding Planar Magnetron Discharge

The theoretical untroduction into the basic physics of a planar magnetron discharge.


Fabry–Perot Interferometer - the tool for a high resolution spectroscopy

The Fabry–Perot Interferometer is considered as a tool for a high resolution plasma spectroscopy.

Sputter deposition

The Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition

The theoretical introduction to the Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition and its difference from conventional Physical Vapor Deposition.

Sputter deposition

Spectroscopic measurements of atomic temperature and velocity in vapor deposition systems

Some practical examples on the utilisation of the Fabry-Perot interferometer for plasma monitoring and control are considered.